[IAEP] Contents of IAEP Digest, Vol 18, Issue 78

Tabitha Roder tabitha at hrdnz.com
Mon Sep 21 00:49:55 EDT 2009

> Anyway, as a muggle or someone with little information (a.k.a. the
> public) I actually thought, could say was sure, eve, that Sugarlabs was
> pushing SOaS as their flagship product, maybe SugarLive was there around
> somewhere, or course (?!?!) Sugar for the XO, whose status seems so
> unclear...  Being "better informed that most" I knew that SOaS ran on
> top of Fedora, like the XO Sugar did, so no surprises, but that's it
> AFAIK.  I was glad people kept an eye on Ubuntu (my distro of choice),
> and there's been some enthusiasm around Xtra something going on last
> week in OLPCNews, and SD card based distro.

For what its worth, I thought Sugarlabs were using Sugar on a Stick as
an entry tool to introduce people to Sugar before deploying Fedora
with Sugar as the operating system and GUI of choice for schools. I
assume that Sugarlabs are still making this possible for XO hardware
as well as other hardware that schools can get their hands on.

>> So, a possible solution could be calling the product marketed by SLs
>> "Sugar on a Stick" and each individual team and product "Fedora Sugar
>> on a Stick", "OpenSUSE Sugar on a Stick", etc. From time to time SLs
>> would decide to call and market as "Sugar on a Stick" a particular
>> release of a particular flavor. This decision process should be very
>> transparent and fair, of course.

IMHO, It is confusing to non geeks when you everything has strange
names that dont make sense to them. Can we say Sugar on a Stick to
public (and that is always the SoaS that sugarlabs thinks is the
safest for public consumption) with a flavour tacked for techie
tracking? Incremental seems logical for those lucky enough to learn
maths, so can I suggest we tag numbers on. E.g. "Sugar on a Stick -
Strawberry 1.01" could be code for the SoaS that is Fedora based and
is release 1.01 and the next SoaS that is Fedora based be Strawberry
1.02. Ubuntu versions would be Vanilla 1.01 and OpenSUSE versions
would be Lime 1.01 or something. That takes only one page on the
sugarlabs wiki to check what you actually have and means end users
just see minimal information = Sugar on a Stick.

>>> register SOaSFedora.org and such others
>>> sugaronastick.com

IMHO, Also easier for end user if there are only a few sites to look
at not many. We point everyone to laptop.org and sugarlabs.org - we
can tell people that information here is most likely to be accurate.
If it is spread over many sites they might miss finding accurate and
current information. Redirects could be useful though. One page
websites that give basics and then point to the correct sugarlabs page

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