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Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Sep 20 14:56:16 EDT 2009

El Sun, 20-09-2009 a las 09:33 -0500, Yamandu Ploskonka escribió:

> Because of my ignorant ways in interpreting things, which I trust is
> also the way of the populace :-), I think the wisest thing is to keep
> the SOaS moniker as a basic SLs thing, of course, of course
> recognizing Sebastian.  I mean, because he sort of "owns" SOaS", I
> would say he sort of owns SLs itself, in a way (at least, much more
> than people like I) 

While Sebastian's contribution to SoaS has been predominant, besides him
there are also a bunch of other people who deserve acknowledgment:

   207  Sebastian Dziallas
   152  Martin Dengler
    27  Marco Pesenti Gritti
    11  Aleksey Lim
    11  Simon Schampijer
     9  Daniel Drake

This is by counting the number of patches.  There are many other
possible metrics, some of which may result in a different ranking.

Tomeu's proposal to distinguish the distros by fully qualifying them as
"Fedora SoaS" or "SUSE SoaS" attempts to be fair, but is not very

It reminds very much of "GNU/Linux": while it's probably more correct,
people already got into the habit of saying "Linux", which also happens
to be shorter and easier to pronounce.  People are naturally inclined to
shorten words, not make them longer!

Like it or not, at this point SoaS will irreversibly identify the Fedora
SoaS.  The maintainers of other live USB distros could still call theirs
something like "SUSE SoaS", but it would simply sound terrible, wouldn't
it?  They'd be better off finding an entirely new name such as Live
Sugar, Trisquel Sugar, or something more creative.

> [...]
> However, I was certain yesterday, and so I am today, that Caroline
> would never act as a "squatter", at the very worst she will allow nice
> links to be on her page that would get people to SOaSF or SOaSU or
> SOaSO or whatever.

The http://sugaronastick.com website appears to be designed for
end-users who are not technical enough to appreciate the difference
between a Fedora, an Ubuntu and a SUSE.

I wouldn't complain if Caroline decided to showcase just the SoaS
variant that she thinks would work best for her customers, or that it's
easier for her to support.  It's up to her to decide, because she's the
one doing all the work and paying the hosting bill.

People behind other USB live distros of Sugar can certainly do the same:
register another domain, say SugarLive.com or TrisquelSugar.org, and do
good branding.

Of course, in a good community all these people would try to work
together rather than pointlessly compete with each other.  The Sugar
Labs Infrastructure Team can offer free disk space and bandwidth to host
such a project.

Are there any volunteers to do it?

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