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Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 10:33:46 EDT 2009

Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> <snip>
> On the other hand, if you'd ask me: "should Sugar Labs be promoting ONLY
> (or mainly) SoaS?"... I don't know anyone who would say "yes".  We've
> welcomed any hardware and OS vendor who would distribute Sugar, and
> tried to treat them equally: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Downloads .
Uh, here I might have something to contribute because I was badly 
misinformed on SLs goings-on for quite a while, having tried to give my 
life some order by unsubscribing to as many lists as I could.  You can 
see I gave up :-)

Anyway, as a muggle or someone with little information (a.k.a. the 
public) I actually thought, could say was sure, eve, that Sugarlabs was 
pushing SOaS as their flagship product, maybe SugarLive was there around 
somewhere, or course (?!?!) Sugar for the XO, whose status seems so 
unclear...  Being "better informed that most" I knew that SOaS ran on 
top of Fedora, like the XO Sugar did, so no surprises, but that's it 
AFAIK.  I was glad people kept an eye on Ubuntu (my distro of choice), 
and there's been some enthusiasm around Xtra something going on last 
week in OLPCNews, and SD card based distro.

So that's the "ignorant" view

I was about to suggest this:

Tomeu Vizoso wrote:

> So, a possible solution could be calling the product marketed by SLs
> "Sugar on a Stick" and each individual team and product "Fedora Sugar
> on a Stick", "OpenSUSE Sugar on a Stick", etc. From time to time SLs
> would decide to call and market as "Sugar on a Stick" a particular
> release of a particular flavor. This decision process should be very
> transparent and fair, of course.
and I am so glad it was Tomeu who did it, for his voice has much more 
meaning in this community.
I dare to speak only because I have the delusion might have earned my 
spurs a long time ago, even though I hung them on the wall way too long 
of late.

Because of my ignorant ways in interpreting things, which I trust is 
also the way of the populace :-), I think the wisest thing is to keep 
the SOaS moniker as a basic SLs thing, of course, of course recognizing 
Sebastian.  I mean, because he sort of "owns" SOaS", I would say he sort 
of owns SLs itself, in a way (at least, much more than people like I)

Anyway, I'd say someone should register SOaSFedora.org and such others 
as make sense, to avoid squatters, and to also have a way to display in 
its fullness the different projects, which, different they may be, I 
hope they don't see themselves as "independent".  We are as one, and 
either we hang together or we will hang alone, etc.

and, as Daniel says

Daniel Drake wrote:
> 2009/9/19 Yamandu Ploskonka <yamaplos at gmail.com>:
>> sugaronastick.com is Caroline Meeks, so I believe we are OK there
>> as to the .org, it would be a certain Peter Robinson (?)
> Read the "about" page. It's clearly intended as something separate
> from SoaS, specifically a modification of it.
> So, if you go to sugaronastick.com and click download then you would
> get something different from the one that you get from the sugarlabs
> wiki.
Well, I must admit I hadn't but, I will read that.
However, I was certain yesterday, and so I am today, that Caroline would 
never act as a "squatter", at the very worst she will allow nice links 
to be on her page that would get people to SOaSF or SOaSU or SOaSO or 

Anyway, lesson learned.  In another community I was part of (also 
resigned the list a few months back), when we started talking catchy 
names, I right away registered all the basic ones (.com, .net, .org) and 
immediately told the community they were available to them when a final 
decision was made.  Alas, the choice I was rooting for came in second 
(luminerra), and thus my $21 were a waste, but would have been worth 
gold to the community if some squatter had taken 'em.

Thank you all, and following David's suggestion, this is my one post for 
the day on this thread :-)


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