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hi Dennis,
I share your dissatisfaction.

Luke and I
and others looked at two alternatives. Get Satisfaction and LaunchPad.

Neither are perfect but LaunchPad is open source and helpful so we are
leaning that way.

Here is a possible vision the Teacher/End user bug reporting.

We add a link to browse to this page, although probably under Sugar not


People then ask a question about
whatever they are experiencing, be it bug, confusion, inspiration etc.

When they enter the question it searches existing answers and maybe its been
asked/answered already.

The community then answers question or it gets moved/linked to a bug
put in by a developer of support-gang member.

Right now
you still have to log in to ask a question.  I wish you didn't.  Luke
says we can do single sign-on with the
wiki.sugarlabs.org but that won't help the average teacher.

Luke and I both started school and the Class Acts Book Sprint happened so we
haven't made much progress yet.  But we would very much appreciate you also
thinking with us on ways to improve the process.

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 11:40 PM, Dennis Daniels
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> Greetings,
> I have roughly diagrammed the bug reporting process for Sugar here:
> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/File:Reporting_a_bug.png
> I also timed it using Sugar as the UI for entering the bugs. I'd say
> it took nearly five minutes... and I have some idea of what I'm doing
> (though there are reasons to doubt that as well) and my internet
> connection is 900Kb /per sec normally.
> As it's apparently not possible to post a bug anonymously the added
> burden of logging in compounds the problem. I for one, as a teacher,
> would find it hard to justify a student spending5+minutes of time in
> class reporting a bug.
> My solution:
> using python's URL tools post an error log, using the same idea as
> ubiquitous 'view source' now a 'post bug' now, straight to a pastebin
> like interface that uses the IP address of the user  plus the user
> name.
> The user doesn't need to know much more than typing a problem desc.
> and submitting. The logs are gathered up and posted straight to a
> 'pastebin/wiki' like page so that devs can see what's hot in the bug
> area for users. The user is given the URL of the bug on the wiki and
> can go and add more data if necessary. It's a lot looser bug tracking
> system but targeting the bugs that users bump into most often and
> FIXING those will go along way towards making SUGAR look and feel user
> friendly.
> The tool I'm using for the diagrams is Umbrello. I'd be happy to post
> the XMI to these diagrams if someone is interested.
> Dennis
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