[IAEP] Where should we put Lesson Plans? Currwiki?

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We at Open Learning Exchange (OLE) have been working towards a solution for
this over the past 2 years and have a working prototype with the most basic
functionality we think is needed. You are welcome to try it out at

There are several sites on the web that are trying to create a place for
curriculum to be shared but none of them that I know of are addressing the
needs of developing countries. We have done a lot of work to address the
diverse needs of countries with limited internet access and feel we have a
solution that will be very powerful in the near future.

We are working with our centers around the world to identify the key success
factors in making a Global Learning Library as well as several partners like
the Siyavula project in South Africa and Connexions at Rice University to
leverage existing work done in this area.

In addition, we have begun talks with Sugarlabs to use our library as a
repository of educational materials that incorporate sugar activities. It
would be very helpful for us to get your feedback on what we have and to
work with you on integrating it with your work and the work of the Sugarlabs

Some of my thoughts on other solutions.

Sugarlabs wiki: There is too much other content on the sugarlabs wiki that
is not relevant to teachers. Just like activities.sugarlabs.org is a place
to find and download activities I think we need a place designed
specifically for curriculum materials.

Moodle: Moodle is a great tool for creating structured, interactive lesson
plans and for deploying them in classrooms but it is not designed as a
library or repository of materials. Our plan is to start by allowing people
to create Moodle courses and share them on our library for others to
download and use on their own Moodle servers. We are also working with a
developer to integrate work he has done on Moodle import/export into our
library in the future.

Curriki: Curriki is the closest thing to what we think is needed but it
lacks the ability to be deployed on a country by country basis. We feel
strongly that a learning library needs to be customizable for each country,
each school and even each student.

Curriculum alignment: There are many features that we we feel are an
integral part of making a library of curriculum materials successful that we
have not implemented in our library yet. Curriculum alignment is at the top
of that list. Because of the complexity of many of the worlds curriculum
standards we want to make sure we do not overload teachers with too much


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