[IAEP] Where should we put Lesson Plans? Currwiki?

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> I'd like to introduce Kellie Doty, she is a fellow student in the
> Technology, Education and Innovation program at Harvard Grad School for
> Education and she is in Intern at Sugar Labs this fall working on the GPA
> project.  Kellyie's role will be to help us develop curriculum, test it at
> GPA and publish it in a format that will be easy to adopt by other teachers.
> One of her first tasks will be to take the lessons we did
> over the summer and try to write them up.
> One question is where should we put lesson plans?
> My first thought was wiki.sugarlabs.org
>  our wonderful maze of twisty pages all different.  But Kellie pointed
> out that teachers need to be able to find things through various paths
> such as subject, grade level and activities used.
> My second thought was Moodle as it probably has a module for that.

+1 for curriki. It has an existing community of teachers to work w/ and
it is a good tool, geared to their needs

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