[IAEP] student guidelines _very_ rough draft

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Mon Sep 7 18:45:07 EDT 2009

This summer, Sugar Labs had 12 students working under various gsoc,
intern, workstudy, and co-op programs.  Overall, the results have been
promising.  There are a few things which we can do to improve the
experience for everyone.

Based on conversations with other opensource project the three keys to
success for working with students are:
1. Clearly defined expectations for student, sponsor, and project.
2. Clearly project plan with implementation strategy.
3. Experienced mentor.

Below is a very rough draft of a student guidelines document.  I would
appreciate suggestions.


Thank you for your interest in working, and learning, with Sugar Labs.

Sugar Labs has a large number of smart and passionate student
participants.  These student often go on to become Sugar Lab's most
important contributors and project leaders.  One of the advantage of
being a student is that  you can combine your learning experience at
Sugar Labs with your official school activites through intern-ships,
co-ops, work study programs, and privately sponsored contracts.

The following guidelines are intended to insure that your Sugar Lab's
experience is beneficial for you, your school, and Sugar Labs.
Working with Sugar Lab's as an intern, co-op,  or work study student
means that there is a contractual obligation between you, your school,
and Sugar Lab's.  This document represents the thoughts and
deliberations which have gone into making your experience at Sugar
Labs beneficial for you, your school, and Sugar Labs.[REPEATED TEXT]

== project description==

Experience has shown than the most important factor in having a
successful experience at Sugar Labs is your project plan.  The plan
represents the vision of what you want to accomplish and provides
roadmap for how to make that vision a reality.

Exploration, collaboration, and reflection.  Plan provides boundaries
so you can freely explore.

First big project for many students.

Done before starting program

good plan implies investment by student->investment by student results
in good mentor.

Fail to plan -> Plan to fail.

The plan should include:
*learning objective

The second most important piece to success is your mentor.
link to community
master -> apprentice

==General information==
Below is general information for filling out your school's forms.

Sugar Labs is organized as a member project of the Software Freedom
Conservancy[1].  The SFC is an umbrella organization which handles the
accounting work, financial management, and makes sure the activities
of Sugar Labs fit within the scope of the non-profit status.

===Mission statement===
The mission of Sugar Labs® is to produce, distribute, and support the
use of the Sugar learning platform; it is a support base and gathering
place for the community of educators and developers to create, extend,
and teach with the Sugar learning platform.

Sugar Labs is funded through donations from its contributing members.

===Agency Name===
Sugar Labs (A member project of the Software Freedom Conservancy)

===Agency Contact===
Bradley M. Kuhn

===Postal Address===
Software Freedom Conservancy
1995 Broadway FL 17
New York, NY 10023-5882

+1-212-461-3245 tel
+1-212-580-0898 fax

conservancy at softwarefreedom.org

===Addition information===
For additional information or forms please contact dfarning at sugarlabs.org.

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