[IAEP] A proposal from Trisquel (Was Re: [SoaS] [DP] Announcing the creation of a SoaS Decision Panel)

Rubén Rodríguez Pérez ruben at gnu.org
Thu Oct 1 18:50:31 EDT 2009

El jue, 01-10-2009 a las 22:04 +0100, Martin Dengler escribió:
> On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 10:47:57PM +0200, Rubén Rodríguez Pérez wrote:
> > You can find more info here: http://trisquel.info/en/trisquel-sugar
> Thanks for the info.
> Two questions:
> 1) May I ask why you are creating a Sugar spin?

Trisquel was born as a university project, and it has a strong focus in
education. We think schools are the main battlefront for free software.
This is why we made the Trisquel Edu edition, including several sets of
educational software running on GNOME, and tools for class management
like iTALC or LTSP. Sugar is a wonderful addition to our educational
suite, and it can make use of the tools we already have in the system.

> 2) How can we send patches?  IIUC the latest Trisquel Sugar .ISO won't
> boot on an OFW machine like the XO-1 due to the lack of an olpc.fth.

We didn't try it on a XO yet, but I will apply for one right now :)
I need to read more about OFW, thanks for the links.

> One like SoaS uses[1] might be good to include, but - I'm sorry for
> the lack of searching skills - I couldn't find a place to submit a
> patch that includes a suitable olpc.fth.

We use the issue tracker for that:

I've just added the "Sugar" component to it. We need to come up with a
cool project name. What do you think about "TOAST", for "Trisquel On A
Sugar Toast"? :D

>   Where is the code you use to
> generate the ISOs (I assume it's a lot more complex than the SoaS
> code[2] because I did manage to find the "How Trisquel is made"[3]
> page)?

You can find it here:

It is in fact a very simple script, most of the job is done in the
Trisquel packages and metapackages. We are now rewriting the script
using the live-helper tool from Debian, which should allow us to reduce
it to a dozen lines or so.

The "How Trisquel is made" describes how the distro was created, but now
that it is done, it is a lot easier to maintain than how it looks. If
you want a new, let's say, amd64 version of the Sugar iso, you just need
to run "makedistro all amd64 trisquel-sugar" and wait for five minutes.

We did almost no changes to our build scripts for this project, it works
just with the tiny trisquel-sugar metapackage, some artwork, and the
impressive repository Aleksey built for us.
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