[IAEP] stat collecto activity

David Van Assche dvanassche at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 21:13:01 EST 2009

The new google wave stuff made me think of a maybe interesting
activity that would be very easy to write but might be useful for
teachers to gain feedback from their students, while treating them
more as peers in the constructionist philosophy. The idea is, to have
a a multiple choice like activity that would ask students about their
experience of lessons.

For example, lets say they have been learning algebra, the teacer
could get them to launch an activity that asks questions like with
multiple answers like:
The most difficult part to learn was a) blah, b) bleh,  c) bluh, The
most fun part was a)) glah b) gleh c) gluh

What do u think would something like that be useful? The problem I see
is that the teacher would actuallly have o create the questions and
answers, so it might seem like too redundant. I guess the best way
would be for the teacher to get the students to create these quizzes
(for lack of a better word) would be very simple to create such an
activity. Would there be ebnough demand and usage of such ab activity?

David Van Assche

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