[IAEP] Sugar Camp Refection

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Mon May 18 15:38:44 EDT 2009

I thought that I should share some reflections on SugarCamp Paris.  I
am pretty sure that I have read that reflection is an important part
of learning.

I have been thinking about the Sugar Labs meeting format for the last
couple of months.  I hesitated to post the theory behind the process
until after we had experienced it.  If I am going to enforce 'show me
the code', I should probably follow it myself.

Several times discussions about pedagogy have come up on iaep:) One of
the common themes is instructional-ism vs constructional-ism.

It struck me as rather odd that in the mail lists and at the November
and January meetings we preached constructional-isms while we
practiced instructional-isms.  One person talking from the front of a
room about predefined topics seems pretty instructional.

This meeting I wanted to try a guided constructionist approach.  We
had one day, Sunday, to test the theory.  Saturday was OLPCFrance's

We started Sunday by brain-storming about issues and challenges with
Sugar and Sugar Labs which could benefit from further exploration.

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