[IAEP] status on Sugar Guide for 0.84

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Thu Mar 26 16:14:32 EDT 2009

>    1. Walter or someone with python knowledge, could you review the
>    "Modifying Sugar" chapter at
>    http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/Sugar/8_4/ModifyingSugar? 

Sorry a bit late with this suggestion. Also I am just about to be travelling and can't help implement.

"Modifying Activities" could be integrated with "Modifying Sugar"

It is a easier introduction to programming for beginners. 

Maybe we need to think through the learning path(s) for new programmers. This includes Etoys and Turtle Art, the Turtle Art Python programmable block, editing the sample code that comes with Pippy, external (web) python resources, show source, modifying activities, modifying Sugar.

How do we present these options to learners and teachers?

Also we could mention the learning goals which are far wider than programming skills, eg

    *  Cartesian coordinates
    * negative number
    * algebraic variables
    * relative & absolute value
    * estimation
    * chance
    * metacognitive skills
    * structured thinking
    * logical thinking inc. Boolean operations
    * planning and top-down design
    * team planning and development
    * ability to represent operations as systems of sequence/selection/iteration.
    * representational structures and metalanguages
    * program proving
    * simple physics of gravity, collisions, kinematics
    * efficient data structures and code and possibly network issues, security, database design, graphics, etc
    * New unidentified skills for a digital age?

(see http://rupert.id.au/schoolgamemaker/why.htm)

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