[IAEP] Hello, I'm an aspiring GSoC student

Lucian Branescu lucian.branescu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 05:57:07 EDT 2009

Well, Hello!
I'm a stage 1 student and I have some experience with Python, JavaScript,
SQL and web development in general. I'm also very excited about open source,
I use a lot of it and have made small contributions.
I'm fascinated about how networks and the web work and I'm continuously
amazed at how easy it is do to some otherwise complicated things (google
docs, gmail, bespin, openid).

I've been thinking about ways to easily extend web apps to the desktop for a
while now. I'm using Gears and Fluid (webkit SSB) constantly and I have
researched Prism, AIR, Silverlight). A related dream of mine was making an
IDE similar to the one provided by Adobe for Flash and Flex development that
instead 'compiles' to standard html5 with javascript and optional extensions
like gears for more desktop integration.

So it shouldn't be at all surprising that I got excited about this

I would need a small browser with a bridge to python. Ideally, I would use
Pyjamas desktop http://pyjd.sourceforge.net/ as a base, but something like
the demo gtk webkit browser or Midori should suffice, as long as I get to
Python & html+js land asap.
I'd rather stay away from XPCOM and PyXPCOM, although hulahop may be
I need to check out Titanium to see if it's suitable.

The small framework I would build would provide a way to call python code
from the javascript in pages (either through ajax or by injecting things
into the DOM, if not too complicated) and a nice javascript API on top of
that for interacting with Sugar. Perhaps also provide a CSS file an HTML
template that match the default Sugar theme. I'd like to use jQuery to make
javascript bearable.
The demo would be all html + javascript.

I have some questions:
- would the storage have to be in Sugar or can html5/gears persistence be
- on a related note, what integration with Sugar is expected?
- i couldn't find any material concerning javascript and dbus. is there
anything in Sugar (or somewhere else) that would help, or would I have to
build my own (perhaps on top of the python-js bridge)?

I would very much like the opportunity to work on this, but I'm not familiar
with any Sugar code. The closest I ever got to it was 10 minutes of using an

Thanks for your time!
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