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The offered categories are not a taxonomy but rather a set of tags.
Presumably activities would be tagged with multiple of these if
appropriate.  Have you ever looked at the amo site to see how the Firefox
add-ons appear there?  You can see add-ons under multiple of the
descriptions they provide.  Yes, you can also search the site.

> Is art music? Is music art?

Educators and school curricula usually use the term "art" to refer to the
visual arts.  The tags are a finding tool, not a definitive designation of
every aspect that an activity may present.

> Where does synth lab fit it? Art, music,
> programming, science?

It seems like  you can attach four tags if you think these are all
appropriate.  Personally, I think "programming" is stretching the term to

> Is a memorize a game when you are making math
> facts cards? Or is it geometry when you make a name that country game?

Just because you can't perfectly describe every activity doesn't detract
from the usefulness of general tags that conform to educators' and parents'
notions of broad areas that a learning activity could contribute to.

Or is it English-language learning when you making pronunciation
> cards?Typing Tutor can be used for spelling, not just learning to
> type.

 Literacy covers all those areas.

> Perhaps we can search on descriptions? And if reviewers could add a
> word or two description of what they used the activity for, and Gary
> generates an interactive SOM for the search...
Nothing prevents someone from using local or google searching.

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