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Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Mar 16 05:01:54 EDT 2009

Sean DALY wrote:
> Today, we will be welcoming a large number of first-time visitors and
> they will very surely be disoriented if they start their visit by
> clicking around on the wiki, which is a possible scenario since Google
> indexes the wiki before the static intro (a flipflop from the behavior
> over the past two weeks, but it turns out that Google was fooled when
> showing www.sugarlabs.org in #1 position; they meant to show
> wiki.sugarlabs.org). This is why it is absolutely vital that the front
> door of the site be very easy to find. We are communicating with the
> media on "www.sugarlabs.org" and hopefully today there will be lots of
> external links to that address which will mitigate the importance of
> supplying navigation to the homepage.

Here's a real story:

Some time ago, a journalist at the EU parliament asked us for resources
about OLPC, so I handed OLPC business card.  The man looks for the URL,
and then says: "yeah... I've found the laptop.org web site, but... don't
you have another place where you keep all the information, such as a wiki?"


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