[IAEP] soas - boot.iso

none at cercos.de none at cercos.de
Wed Mar 4 20:30:55 EST 2009

Hi all,
this is my first post to this list :-)
I tried to download from "sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick#Downloads" 
the "boot.iso", but got the following error-message:
>Not Found
>The requested URL /~marco/boot.iso was not found on this server
This link seems to be dead.
My old laptop don't know, how to boot an USB-Stick. So I have to find a 
appropriate solution to boot and test sugar-on-a-stick.

By the way, I'm actually translating some chapters of the Sugar Manual at 
FlossManuals to german.

Hans-Frieder Hirsch

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