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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
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On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 09:17:19PM -0800, Caryl Bigenho wrote:
>I am working on a presentation I will be doing about OLPC and Sugar at 
>a huge educator's conference in Palm Springs next week.  I realize I 
>need some nitty-gritty type info about the current state of Sugar 
>emulation on PCs and Macs.  Can anyone fill me in on the latest, most 
>up-to-date answers to these questions?  Maybe Luke? Anyone else?

I don't have the answers to your question, just want to perhaps clarify 
one bit of it:

I suspect that when you say "emulation" you really mean "used natively 
in other system environments than the initial one of an XO laptop".

  1) Sugar on XO laptops on their Fedora-based system

   -> Install an official OLPC "build" on an XO

  2) Sugar on various Linux systems as an own desktop

   -> Install an unofficial OLPC "build" on an XO
   -> Install Sugar packages on a major system and invoke as desktop
   -> Build Sugar locally (using e.g. jh-build) and invoke as desktop
   -> Boot from a LiveCD or LiveUSB (e.g. SoaS) that starts Sugar desktop

  3) Sugar on various Linux systems inside an emulated X11 screen

   -> Install Sugar packages on a major system and run sugar-emulator
   -> Build Sugar locally (using e.g. jh-build) and run sugar-emulator
   -> Boot from a LiveCD or LiveUSB that invokes sugar-emulator

  4) Sugar on Mac or Windows by emulating some Linux system

   -> Boot from a LiveCD inside hardware emulator (eg. VirtualBox)

If I understand the term correctly (which I might not) then in none of 
these cases Sugar itself is emulated.

Perhaps (depending on how finegrained you want to understand these 
issues) it might make sense to distinguish differently between kinds of 
environments than just the word "emulation"

  - Jonas

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