[IAEP] bookreader at lists.laptop.org , collaborations with the gnubook project

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Thu Jan 22 22:15:43 EST 2009

Dear all,

We are working with the gnubook developers to help optimize it for
reading books on the XO.  Those of you who have tested it out already
know what it looks like; for the rest of you, you can still see it in
action at the open library.  Help and suggestions are much
appreciated.  If your own projects use less hackable book readers,
please consider migrating to gnubook -- every Internet Archive book
will be available in that format.

We are also working with CK12 to start wikifying some useful public
domain texts, so that teachers can start making localized versions of
them.  This is another step towards the goal of useful wikibooks for
every student -- and tools to let every student create their own
books.  Their flexr toolchain is undergoing rapid development, and it
makes me grin every time I use it.  Poke user:jgay if you want more
access to it than you get by default (say, to create your own book
from scratch)... have faith that underneath the sexy exterior is the
heart of a mediawiki instance, ready to synch with your favorite wiki
anywhere else in the world.

For discussions about every part of this toolchain, from annotation
and uploading to reading to bookshelf & collection creation,  we are
setting up a new list : bookreader at lists.laptop.org
Some of the initial discussion will be carried out here, to solicit
input from everyone; you are encouraged to join that list for more
detailed discussion.


ps - At some point in the platonic future these topics may merge with
those on wikireader at lists, but for now the former is primarily about
finding, organizing, and sharing mostly-static booklists or syllabi,
and the latter is focused on compiling, copyediting, and sharing
collections of thousands of wiki articles, with dense internal links
and regular revisions and updates.

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