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Anybody want to write for them? I do. Note the Media Lab connection.

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Hello All,

I am the editor of The Interface. As you may know, The Interface is a
joint publication of the IEEE's Education Society and the ASEE's
Electrical and Computer Engineering Division. Note: It is also mailed to a
few other organizations.

As you may the previous editor, Bill Sayle, passed away suddenly and The
Interface has not been published since then. Note: The Interface is located


Aside from the unfortunately passing of such a revered editor, professor,
and human being as Bill Sayle, there were several issues that were under

Here are the issues that were under consideration (in no particular

1. The annual cost of publishing a paper version of The Interface was a
hardship on the ASEE's ECE Division. The cost consumed well over 80% of
the division's annual budget. This brought the question of having The
Interface available exclusively in electronic form into play. This question
of maintaining the publication in an electronic format also arose in the
Education Society.

While there are critical points to be made on each side of this question,
the present reality is that the budget's for 2009 have already been set.
So, for 2009 a paper format is not possible. Thus we will only have an
electronic version.

2. The articles in The Interface have always been very interesting and
some have provoked controversy (deep thought), which is a terrific. Many
readers would like to see more such articles (and fewer reports of
meetings). They would like to see timely articles on issues that impact
engineering education, the role of the professor, etc. We will be moving in
that direction and determine if that is desirable to our readers.

I will be enlisting the expertise of several individuals to serve as
associate editors. This will occur in the next few weeks. We will be
soliciting some of our colleagues to write articles about timely issues of
the day that impact us.

I am going to solicit articles for the April 2009 the August 2009 issues
in a few days. The issues will focus on globalization, and the other issue
will deal with the Bologna Accord. I will also issue a call for articles.

If **YOU** have any suggestions for topics of timely interest, please
contact me. If **YOU** have any suggestions about the nature of The
Interface, please send them to me; I NEED YOUR ADVICE.

-Rob-     reilly at media.mit.edu

Rob Reilly Ed.D.
USA (home) +1.413.443.6153
USA (mobile) +1.413.329.1878

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