[IAEP] Moving on, moving forward.

Eben Eliason eben.eliason at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 12:47:31 EST 2009

Good afternoon to all,

Tomorrow marks my last day as an OLPC employee.

My experience here has been incredible, and I'm extremely grateful for
having had the opportunity to work on such an ambitious project, which
will no doubt have a profound affect on the lives of children
worldwide, and on education in general.  It's also been a pleasure
working will all of you—some of the brightest and also some of the
most generous folks I've met.  I sincerely hope that we'll remain in

To those at Sugarlabs, I wish to indicate my intent to remain involved
in the project to the extent possible in the months and years to come.
 I believe strongly in the value of what we've been trying to
accomplish, and hope to see (and help) it reach the potential we all
know it has. We've done much, but there's a long way to go. I'll do
the best I can to remain active in the lists and IRC channels, and to
be responsive to needs of the community with regard to future design
work.  I also plan to continue the bi-weekly design call (though it
will need to be rescheduled) in order to remain in touch moving

To those who remain at OLPC, thank you for being part of a fantastic
and dedicated team, of which I'm proud to have been a member.  I wish
all of you the best in whatever lies ahead there.  I also know that
many of you have shared in enthusiasm for Sugar, and many have great
ideas that would be greatly missed if forgotten.  I hope that, despite
OLPC's release of Sugar to the community, those of you continuing with
OLPC can find time to remain in touch with that community and continue
to bring your talent and ideas to the project.

Finally, to those who will also be leaving OLPC tomorrow, I wish you
all the best in the future, and hope that you, like me, can be as
happy to have been a part of this project.

- Eben

PS. Of course, if anyone has contacts or knows of opportunities in the
design community (interface, interaction, experience, graphic, web, or
otherwise) I'd be more than happy to be given some pointers as I try
to find my next direction. Thanks.

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