[IAEP] Thoughts on Pedagogy and supporting activity creators

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Exactly right Bill!

What the learner needs to help them learn comes before all. This will lead to what kinds of materials hard and soft can support their learning. 

(The context for these two sentences is that we also need to have a real idea of what it is we'd like to help them learn, and this can range from "whatever strikes their fancy" to e.g. "it would be really good to help everyone learn real mathematical thinking and doing".)



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> Yes we need to think about whether these people are using Python, eToys,
> JavaScript or Flash to convert these worksheets into a Sugarized activity,
> but we also need to think about how the process of Sugarizing can help them
> create a more effective learning experience for these students then the
> original mimeographed exercises.

+1! I think looking beyond technicalities this is a very important
point. (Yeah, I'll share my thoughts about technicalities too, as soon
as I managed to get email backlog under control!).

Knowing and
Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers' Understanding of Fundamental
Mathematics in China and the United States (Studies in Mathematical
Thinking and Learning.)Liping Ma


looks fantastic, I read the contents page, forward and introduction from the google books URL

foundational knowledge: one and three quarters divided by a half

** Make up a good story to represent that problem **

This question needs to be asked first before deciding whether to use flash, javascript, python, etoys or scratch to represent that story 

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