[IAEP] Thoughts on Pedagogy and supporting activity creators

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> On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 6:01 PM, Caroline Meeks
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> > Yes we need to think about whether these people are using Python, eToys,
> > JavaScript or Flash to convert these worksheets into a Sugarized
> activity,
> > but we also need to think about how the process of Sugarizing can help
> them
> > create a more effective learning experience for these students then the
> > original mimeographed exercises.
> +1! I think looking beyond technicalities this is a very important
> point. (Yeah, I'll share my thoughts about technicalities too, as soon
> as I managed to get email backlog under control!).

Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers' Understanding of
Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States (Studies in
Mathematical Thinking and Learning.)Liping Ma


looks fantastic, I read the contents page, forward and introduction from the
google books URL

foundational knowledge: one and three quarters divided by a half

** Make up a good story to represent that problem **

This question needs to be asked first before deciding whether to use flash,
javascript, python, etoys or scratch to represent that story
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