[IAEP] Userful Linux & ThinNetworks to deploy 300, 000+ virtualized desktops in Brazil

Kevin Cole dc.loco at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 11:14:37 EST 2009


The following was sent to me on the Ubuntu DC LoCo mailing list, and I
thought it might be of interest to some on these lists.

PRESS RELEASE: Userful and ThinNetworks Announce the World's Largest
Desktop Virtualization Deployment - 356,800 Green Workstations

Calgary, Canada, and Brasilia, Brazil - February 17, 2009 --

Userful and ThinNetworks today announce that they have been selected
to supply 356,800 virtualized desktops to schools in all of Brazil's
5,560 municipalities.

More at: http://www2.userful.com/company/linux-desktop-virtualization

About Userful

Userful is the industry leader in desktop virtualization and
multi-station Linux computing: the low-cost, high-performance
alternative to thin clients. Userful's powerful software transforms
standard PCs to support up to 10 simultaneous monitors, keyboards and
users, and manages them all at once through a central website.
Privately held and founded in 1999, Userful launched their flagship
product in 2003 and was recently named Alberta's 10th fastest growing
company under $20 million in revenue. A free 2-user version of Userful
Multiplier software for home use is available from
www.userful.com/free-2-user . Userful software is used in over 100
countries, and is bringing affordable green desktop computing to
millions of users worldwide.

Ubuntu Linux DC LoCo
Washington, DC

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