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Jameson Quinn jameson.quinn at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 10:17:57 EST 2009

Just because it has been mentioned, I would be a definite -1 on retroactive
public indexing, though without indexing, I would be +1 on retroactive
logging with or without a private index (local search engine, but
non-permissive robots.txt).

Good consequences of logging: better ability to participate for those with
poor connections or occasional availability. This is a Worthwhile Goal.

Indeterminate consequences of logging: people may be less willing to talk
about people behind their backs; this talk could be productive or
counterproductive or both.

Bad consequences of logging: people's words could come back to haunt them in
the sense of employment. I understand that the lurkers on the channel right
now could easily be skynet and yourboss.com, but practically speaking, I
doubt that the latter is really paying much attention. But if any Google
snooping picks up the channel logs, that changes the practical situation
seriously. Note the danger is not the whole log, just certain keywords -
mainly personal and company names.

So, I have two proposals:

1. Log, but exclude major search engines using robots.txt. Logging can be

2. Log, and allow searching, but set up the logger to ignore any statements
that include some "off the record" flag. (Ideally, there would be a bot, and
you could tell it to go to sleep for 5 minutes, or to wake up, and it would
tell you when it changed state.) This should NOT be retroactive.

Obviously, either of these should be announced on the channel logon text.
You could combine them, using 1 for retroactive and 2 for forward-moving

Either way, I would be in favor of this being done centrally, not being an
individual responsibility. But not enough so to actually help doing it,
sorry (that's why I don't want individual responsibility :).

And this is my final word on the subject. :)
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