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Sorry for the cross post but I felt the need to address comments about this
on IAEP and support-gang.

I still have to point out that there are 7000 XOs with Windows in Uruguay
and at least 100 here in Peru. The fact that these were not "shipped" by
OLPC is irrelevant and the ghost of Windows on XO 1.5 is one that I think is
preeeety real (whether or not this particular PC manufacturer -OLPC -
formally ships Windows or not).

So, In Perú, I will keep pushing, once more, our campaign:

"Window$ es una Inva$ión Kultural".

(Window$ is a Kultural Inva$ion)

(Check what I mean by Invasión
from a book by great pedagogue
Paulo Freire)

The FSF, and many others like me, consider proprietary software a Social
Problem - its not about technical alternatives - of which we have many - but
about (real) access and ownership of knowledge and tools by the
underprivileged [who do not get to decide].

This reflects pretty clearly in MS's #1 Sin:
*1. Poisoning education:* Today, most children whose education involves
computers are being taught to use one company's product: Microsoft's.
Microsoft spends large sums on lobbyists and marketing to corrupt
educational departments. An education using the power of computers should be
a means to freedom and empowerment, not an avenue for one corporation to
instill its monopoly.

You can consider this FUD, perhaps you live in a country with a
not-very-corrupt education system. I consider it very real - so its not
about the technical solution, but about the social problem.

I think putting the XO was a clear message, in the sense that this project
signified the hopes of many information libartarians - like me - to bring
equal and fair access to enlighened cultural attittudes wrt to knowledge,
information and technology / which is exactly what is at stake, but because
of ivory tower arrogance and, well, the real world, it is our latest
failure, in our innevitable path to learning to become a free society of



2009/8/31 Christoph Derndorfer <e0425826 at student.tuwien.ac.at>:
> Hey SJ,
> thanks a lot for your reply.
> While removing the photo is a step into the right direction the text you
> see upon "learn more" hasn't really changed and frankly speaking still
> makes me raging mad:
> "...it is expected that the main effect of the OLPC project -- if it
> succeeds -- will be to turn millions of children into Microsoft
> dependents. That is a negative effect, to the point where the world
> would be better off if the OLPC project had never existed."
> Seriously, WTH are the people running that campaign smoking? And where
> are they getting their information from? (And yes, I know the text
> references olpcnews;-)
> RMS might say one thing but the windows7sins Web site clearly says
> something entirely different.
> (And, as a side note, I'm also not too happy about how some Sugar Labs
> people dealt with this situation...)
> With regards to the XO-1.5 I also think it's vitally important to get
> the message right (right) from the start. The DC event is certainly a
> great opportunity to get things rolling into the right direction! I also
> believe that an article on blog.laptop.org at the appropriate time would
> go a long way in avoiding confusion on this issue.
> Please do let me know if I can be of any assistance in these efforts.
> Cheers,
> Christoph
> Samuel Klein schrieb:
>> I sent the FSF campaigns staff an email last week about the w7sins
>> FUD.  Michael sent a similar shorter message, I hear.  Mako followed
>> up (thank you) and the OLPC refs (the huge XO image on the page) was
>> quickly removed.  Christoph: thanks for your email, which is what
>> first alerted me to that.
>> Lots of people (such as the FSF staff) are confused about what the
>> machines in the field are actually like and what the default install
>> on the 1.5 machines will be like; we should be as clear as we can
>> about this.
>> I'll be presenting a 1.5 machine in DC next week, and will use that
>> chance to improve awareness of what's happened to date.
>> SJ (still in the southern hemisphere)
>> [ RMS: 'In any case, the OLPC does not run Windows 7, so it is not
>> to include in a campaign against Windows 7.' ]
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