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Bill Kerr billkerr at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 09:44:10 EDT 2009

thanks Gary
the default single click shape does not work for the box but does work for
circle and triangle

I think there needs to be clear install instructions for those doing this
for the first time. I wasn't sure what to do. I found some instructions here
<http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities#Installing_one_activity>which were
sufficient for me to work it out but would not be adequate for many of my

I will give them a copy of physics-3.xo with some instructions like this,
making it as easy as possible so we can spend more of our limited time
exploring software rather than confusion arising over a routine installation

- hover over and erase existing physics
- get physics-3.xo (1.4MB) off L drive onto your USB
- insert your USB and double click on your USB icon
- your USB contents should appear in the Journal, including the physics
- click on the arrow on the right hand side of page for the physics program
- click on start button
- physics will open and be installed on the SoaS stick

To confirm note the new features:
- hand for grab
- irregular polygon replaces hexagon icon
- you can now save your work
and others


On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 11:03 PM, Gary C Martin <gary at garycmartin.com>wrote:

> Just thought I'd forward this over to IAEP.
> (If you are running an older build of SoaS, you'll need to erase the
> existing Physics Activity before trying to upgrade. The older SoaS shipped
> with Activities installed in a non-standard place, with administrator
> permissions, preventing the normal Sugar activity upgrade process. You'll
> likely need to drop into Terminal, find and remove the Physics.activity
> directory from there. Current SoaS builds have this issue resolved).
> Regards,
> --Gary
> Begin forwarded message:
>  From: Sugar Labs Activities <activities at sugarlabs.org>
>> Date: 27 August 2009 18:41:21 BST
>> To: sugar-devel at lists.sugarlabs.org
>> Subject: [Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release Physics-3
>> Reply-To: sugar-devel at lists.sugarlabs.org
>> Activity Homepage:
>> http://activities.sugarlabs.org/addon/4193
>> Sugar Platform:
>> from 0.82 to 0.86
>> Download Now:
>> http://activities.sugarlabs.org/downloads/version/29221
>> Release notes:
>> * Journal state saving now supported!
>> * MIME type support added so Physics Journal entries can be sent to others
>> (application/x-physics-activity)
>> * Fixed Activity title text input so you can name your work correctly
>> (olpcgames glitch)
>> * New Grab toolbar icon (hand)
>> * New Polygon toolbar icon (irregular polygon shape)
>> * Cleaned up toolbar order
>> * Single click behaviour so that Circle, Triangle, and Box tool add
>> default sized shapes
>> * Single click behaviour for all tools, so that a subsequent single click
>> creates a clone of the last shape made with that tool.
>> * Erase tool now erases (one by one) pins/joints/motors from a shape,
>> before finally removing the shape itself.
>> * Using +key for all keyboard shortcuts (was causing PyGame input focus
>> issues when typing a title)
>> * Using the Sugar standard arrow cursor for the PyGame canvas (well, a
>> fake one)
>> * Cleaned up the Activity icon
>> * Upgraded to new version of Elements 0.13
>> * Upgraded to new version of Box2D
>> * Picked up Pootle (July 3rd) translations
>> Many thanks to Asaf Paris Mandoki, and Brian Jordan for all their hard
>> work!
>> Reviewer comments:
>> Trusted activity
>> Sugar Labs Activities
>> http://activities.sugarlabs.org
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>> Sugar-devel at lists.sugarlabs.org
>> http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/sugar-devel
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