[IAEP] Read Etexts Videos available

Bastien bastienguerry at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 23 06:06:20 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

Caroline Meeks <caroline at solutiongrove.com> writes:

> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xa8sat_read-etexts-sugar
> I think it could be better in a few ways.

I can hardly watch screencast that are longer than 3 minutes.  I think
the everage is ~4.5 minutes.  One way to improve this screencast might
be to split it into several parts.

> 3. Have these captions available in different languages.

If you have access to the source video file, you can use a tool called
subtitleeditor (http://home.gna.org/subtitleeditor/) to add subtitles.
It's only available for GNU/Linux, but there must be similar tool for
Mac or Windows.

> We want a process that lets us distribute the work. For instance a developer
> might create the screen shots.  A volunteer might add music, and a bunch of
> people might contribute to captions.

That would be ideal, I don't know how far we are from that!

> Can you help us figure out
> an easy, efficient, free and when possible open source set of tools and processes?

Let's start by doing things by hand, it will make us better understand
what and why to automate/distribute.  And let's not forget to document
this on the wiki - http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Video_Using_Sugar



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