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Great news! please do keep us informed and also let me know when you do
publicity so I can link to you.

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> On Monday 13 Jul 2009 9:11:10 pm K. K. Subramaniam wrote:
> > On Monday 13 Jul 2009 7:02:33 pm Caroline Meeks wrote:
> > > What sort of results do you have so far?
> >
> > The new academic year has just started. In the prev one, around 75% of
> the
> > kids learnt to handle the computer well enough to create at least one
> > project in Etoys in a space of about four calendar months (which included
> > holidays and term exams).  Around 25% of the children were yet to record
> > their projects. Schools closed (Apr/May) before we could dig deeper into
> > the causes.
> Just returned from a visit to our field office and village schools. The
> steady
> state feedback in this first academic quarter is very positive. There is a
> reverse migration from private to public schools. This was unimaginable two
> years back.  We have also received requests from children who wanted to
> keep
> their chip and were willing to fund its replacement. Rs 350/- is a lot of
> money in these parts - about 100 noon meals.
> > > Technologically: How many USB sticks failed? How many were
> lost/stollen?
> > None reported so far. For students, the chip is their most precious
> > possession.
> No sticks have failed so far. The sticks were purchased directly from
> company
> distributor and came with a replacement guarantee. About 20 stiicks out of
> 1000 were not traceable.
> Subbu

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