[IAEP] Computer as a tool

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 11:17:36 EDT 2009

On Monday 13 Jul 2009 9:11:10 pm K. K. Subramaniam wrote:
> On Monday 13 Jul 2009 7:02:33 pm Caroline Meeks wrote:
> > What sort of results do you have so far?
> The new academic year has just started. In the prev one, around 75% of the
> kids learnt to handle the computer well enough to create at least one
> project in Etoys in a space of about four calendar months (which included
> holidays and term exams).  Around 25% of the children were yet to record
> their projects. Schools closed (Apr/May) before we could dig deeper into
> the causes.
Just returned from a visit to our field office and village schools. The steady 
state feedback in this first academic quarter is very positive. There is a 
reverse migration from private to public schools. This was unimaginable two 
years back.  We have also received requests from children who wanted to keep 
their chip and were willing to fund its replacement. Rs 350/- is a lot of 
money in these parts - about 100 noon meals.

> > Technologically: How many USB sticks failed? How many were lost/stollen?
> None reported so far. For students, the chip is their most precious
> possession.
No sticks have failed so far. The sticks were purchased directly from company 
distributor and came with a replacement guarantee. About 20 stiicks out of 
1000 were not traceable.


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