[IAEP] Sugar packaging in Squeeze, Karmic

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Tue Aug 11 10:42:58 EDT 2009


> 1) Is anyone routinely testing Sugar in Debian?

Yes, though not deeply. I conduct my occasional rainbow/sugar integration
testing in Debian chroots via the instructions written down at


which I am in the process of automating as mentioned on that page.

For the interested:

   * the Debian automation is usable by me and /might/ be usable by someone

   * the Gentoo automation builds Gentoo chroots but Sugar is not presently
     emergeable in them either due to Blocking conflicts among e2fsprogs and
     friends, which might, in turn, be due to my installation mistakes. 

   * I haven't worked on Ubuntu automation but it should be trivial given the
     Debian work.

   * Fedora is not cost-effective to automate without functioning distro
     packaging of yum. 

     (Interested listeners -- please fix up rpm and yum packaging enough to make
     either mock or febootstrap function properly on Debian so that I and people
     like me can have an acceptably usable means to test Fedora packaging of our

> 2) Is anyone routinely testing Sugar in Ubuntu?

I'm not presently, though I hope to get there soon via the plan mentioned

> The full list of Sugar related packages in Debian is quite impressive...

It's actually more impressive than you can see -- Jonas' packaging logic, which
may be found in various sugar* repos at 


arranges things very nicely for building and maintaining debs from the upstream
git branches on the same footing as he and his collaborators maintain
simultaneous packaging of all Sugar releases.



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