[IAEP] Anyone using the Map activity?

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Sun Aug 9 06:17:13 EDT 2009

Hi Nick

Map V3 reports as V2 in the home list view
Its still effectively twice as slow as google maps to go to a new location, would be better if it started zoomed out
Does not display map/satellite/hybrid/terrain till you zoom (i think you pointed that out)
sometimes measure takes its first point from the distance/area selection click
sometimes measure does nothing
distance has a "done" but area has not
sometimes if closing distance with the "x" it draws 2 new distance lines
have been unable to place a photo, get object selector dialog but doesnt seem to place on map
erratic behaviour of find:
find melbourne - could not find
find sydney (works ok)
find melbourne (works ok)

sometimes it cant find anything

Is this discussion ok for the IAEP list or is it better offlist?


> Tony, thank you for your input.
> Your concerns about satellite view and zoom were part of why I am doing a
> rewrite.  I added the map-type control and updated the find feature to set
> zoom as well as location  (for example, searching for "Japan" zooms out to
> show the whole country).
> The new Map activity should have tools that people won't just find at
> maps.google.com:
> 1) Using special Google APIs (v3 and static maps) that are low-bandwidth.
> More students can access maps when they can load faster.
> 2) Sharing the view and added pins on the map between many XOs, over the
> mesh network
> 3) Sugar UI, so users feel comfortable with the activity
> 4) New features, like area and multipoint distance
> I've attached a working activity bundle so you can try these features out.
> When the activity starts, click a zoom or navigation button to complete
> loading the map.

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