[IAEP] SoaS3-20090807 Install instructions to Hard disk and VMplayer Application available for download

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sat Aug 8 20:46:53 EDT 2009

Today I worked with sdziallas to install the latest SoaS Snapshot


Downloaded this file and ran VMware from the .iso file
It booted right up and has been on Network Neighborhood all day.

I first tried to run it on a hp Pavillion 1417d  (Vista) notebook from 
the CD
the installer had no keyboard or mouse. So it may not work in all 

We sucessfully installed it to a VMWorkstation 6.52 IDE Hard Disk
It MUST be IDE not the Default SCSI 0:0 disk VMware uses
Have to make it Custom IDE Persistent or Installer will not see it.
HD is 8GB in 2GB slices. It did not have to be this large....

The installer copied the color and name over to the Hard Drive
and even opens the CD tray on shut-down like it still was a CD!

this VMPlayer appliance is available fot testing with VMPlayer on sunjammer:


This Copy is for Testing ONLY.

Note: The procedure used should be the same for a HD install:

> SoaS-3-20090807 VM Appliance
> extract file and run with VMPlayer
> Notes:
> Method used for this Install to Hard disk:
> #sugar session 08/08/2009
> ===========================================
> <<In sugar terminal>>:
> <sdziallas> run:
> * yum install gparted as root
> * yum install wget 
> * wget http://www.filteredperception.org/downloads/TESTING/zyx-liveinstaller-0.1.9-1.i386.rpm
> * curl -O http://www.filteredperception.org/downloads/TESTING/zyx-liveinstaller-0.1.9-1.i386.rpm
> * rpm -Uvh zyx-liveinstaller-0.1.9-1.i386.rpm
> * zyx-liveinstaller
> <<<Grapical Installer Starts>>
>  launch partitoner
> <sdziallas> that will start gparted :)
> <satellit> ok have 8GB unallocated
> <sdziallas> satellit: I'd probably make it:
> <sdziallas> * 1 GB ext3 for /boot
> <sdziallas> * 4 GB ext3 for /
> <sdziallas> * 1 GB swap
> NEW: (make partition) (All of it)
> <sdziallas> yup, that just creates the partition scheme (that's fine), you can create the partitions afterwards
> <satellit> Partition #1 ext3 /boot 996.22 MiB/Partition #2 ext3 / 3.91 Gib/Partition #3 linux-swap 996.22 
> <satellit> all primary partitions?
> <sdziallas> satellit: yup, that's good :)
> <satellit> next ?
> <satellit> cancel partitioner?
> (hit X in Right top corner)
> <satellit> I see zyx-live installer behind in window
> <sdziallas> satellit: you can close gparted and click next in the installer
> <satellit> k
> <sdziallas> (then you'll just need to select the data and boot partitions and that should be already it)

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