[IAEP] My videos are on Sugar Labs video site

Jim Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 13:28:46 EDT 2009

Yesterday I edited my Get IA Books--Read demo video and posted it on
the SugarLabs video site.  I also removed the original ReadEtexts:The
Movie video and replaced it with a reencoded version.  Because of
modifications I made to the mencoder.sh script run by Kino I no longer
have distorted text on the screen for either video.  What was
happening before was that Kino's import was converting the 800x600
original to 720x480, which I think is the dimensions used by DVDs.
This conversion was OK, but when mencoder resizes it again to 640x480
the text on the screen got distorted.  I changed the script to make
the output the same size as the original and that fixed everything.

I am planning to make a Wiki page on all the stuff I learned while
making these videos.  I just managed to get Cinelerra installed on
Fedora 11.  It looks kind of overwhelming.  Kino was easier.

I tried embedding one of my videos in a web page outside of the Sugar
Labs video site to see if that would make it world viewable.  It did
not, unfortunately.

Unless I can figure out how to use Cinelerra to add a music track to
these videos I consider them done.  I'd like to post them with other
Sugar videos.  If anyone can suggest how I'd go about doing that I'd
be grateful.

James Simmons

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