[IAEP] My videos are on Sugar Labs video site

Jim Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 13:01:16 EDT 2009


Until yesterday I was one of those mere mortals myself, then David
gave me an account.  If you think you could contribute something to
these videos as you are proposing then you would need an account too.

This site is for works in progress and raw footage.  When something is
good enough to show the world we'd put it somewhere else or maybe
embed a link to the video in a page somewhere else.  I haven't tried
the second option yet.  There isn't much there at the moment.

If I invited you to be a collaborator then you could download what I
posted as well as view it.

The same files are downloadable from http://people.sugarlabs.org/jdsimmons/.

Also, Kino seems to be a decent non-linear editor for Linux and
Cinelerra might be even better.  The Mac might have better tools, but
Kino beats what I used in my Super 8 days.

James Simmons

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 11:11 AM, Dennis Daniels<dennisgdaniels at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello James!
> That video link is intriguing however it doesn't allow viewing for
> normal mortals. How do we see what's in there? Is there any good
> training stuff?
> As a workaround for Linux's lack of non-linear editing (NLE) tools
> perhaps post the vids to a central place i.e. your google apps video
> link and then users/editors can dnld the vids from there and edit in
> the many different NLE (free) tools avail on Mac and Win*?
> Dennis>

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