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> Greetings to all.
> Patricio Acevedo left the audience shocked after presenting Sugar in the
> 2nd Innovation Workshop:  The Creative Teacher, held in the Metropolitan
> Educational University, in Santiago, Chile.  The workshop strives to present
> and share educational resources to support learning experiences builted by
> teachers, so Patricio deployed Sugar's creative potential for teachers and
> students.  Many questions were asked at the end of the presentation (
> http://prezi.com/139914/), by an excited audience of pedagogical carrers
> students and professors.  More details (in spanish):

This presentation looks really stunning! :)  It would be cool to translate
it into english.

> http://www.educalibre.cl/blog/viewpost/1226.html
> This is not the first time we present publicly Sugar, but it's the first
> activiuty we held as Sugar Labs Chile!!!  So it's our official kickoff, and
> we are happy to say that things are starting to move favorably.  Patricio's
> presentation is another step in our effort to generate alliance with this
> university.  The announced Sugar pilot in Punta Arenas will start tomorrow
> as the responsibles come back from winter break.  We will be presenting a
> formal proposal for a small deployment in Huechuraba (a local county that
> has bought 2.000 Classmates), to be held in 2010.  Step by step, we are
> moving forward.
> We want to appreciatte Bernie Innocenti's support building our wiki (
> http://cl.sugarlabs.org), we wil be working on it this week.  Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Sugar Labs Chile
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