[IAEP] Sugar Talk to Chilean's Edu-ICT National Program

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Hi luis

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 10:55 PM, luis ACEVEDO <patitoacevedo at hotmail.com>wrote:

>  As we communicated last week, we exposed Sugar and it's activities to
> Enlaces, Chilean's Edu-ICT national program (http://www.enlaces.cl/).  We
> described generally the project and it's features and future implications,
> through a brief presentation:
> http://www.slideshare.net/wernerio/sugar-interfaz-y-recursos-para-educacin-bsica-20-presentation
> After that we used the Sugar LiveCD, updated this september 19th, showing
> various resources and activities.  These were selected intentionally,
> related to the K-3 level of the official curriculum.
> http://www.curriculum-mineduc.cl/curriculum/programas-de-estudios/educacion-basica/
> After showing activities as Moon, FlipStick, Speak, we scoped in showing
> e-Toys (Challenge, DemonCastle demo), Scratch, Dr. Geo features, wanting to
> demonstrate the power of create/edit the resources.  This led to many
> concerns around the appropiation/control in teachers.  Another concern:
> many questions arose around the connectivity features.

what are the specific concerns that arose in those items?

> Outcomes:  we where happy to have the presence of the Enlaces Director, who
> was excited and curious, so we motivated to considerate Sugar as a end-user
> solution to a ICT dotation program for K-3 public schools, to be deployed
> next year.  Any advance, we will be happy to communicate them.

Congratulations and good work!.

Rafael Ortiz
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