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Jim Gettys jg at laptop.org
Mon Sep 29 20:00:57 EDT 2008

See www.laptop.org....
              - Jim

On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 16:50 -0700, Edward Cherlin wrote:
> This is the first time I have heard that G1G1 will start up again on
> Nov 17. As far as I can tell, nobody in the outside world has picked
> up on this yet.
> Is this a leak? Is it true? Has there been any outside announcement?
> Since it doesn't show up in Internet news searches, I am certain that
> there was no press release. Should I Slashdot this?
> This is a Hell of a way to run a global non-profit. We have one of the
> world's biggest brands, and we do nothing with it. We could be The
> Must-Have Gift for this Holiday season without any advertising
> expense, if we would just let the media have the story. Even with the
> manufacturing delays that we can predict. That's one of the draws for
> the Must-Have Gift of the year. Cabbage Patch died the moment you
> could get one off the shelf.
> There is a great deal more I could say about this and other management
> issues, but this is not the place for it. If you want to hear any of
> it, you know where to find me.
> But!! I have a better idea. Who wants to fork the PR program, and help
> write an Open Source press release? We'll have to reverse engineer
> most of the content, but I have confidence in our community's
> abilities.
> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 2:45 PM, Jim Gettys <jg at laptop.org> wrote:
> > Community News
> > A weekly update of One Laptop per Child September 29, 2008
> > Our appearance outside the Marriott attracted a lot of people to out
> > tables; some of them were as far as from Finland; many of them knew
> > about "those laptops for children" and were asking about the ways to
> > acquire the laptops (we even got questions: are you selling the
> > machines?). So, in addition to conducting our scheduled testing, we also
> > served as "unofficial" OLPC marketing representatives, steering people
> > to the Nov 17 opening of the G1G1 event through amazon.com. The time we
> > were outside wasn't even the peak lunch time for people to fill that
> > square; just imagine the level of attention, if we were there at the
> > lunch time!
Jim Gettys <jg at laptop.org>
One Laptop Per Child

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