[IAEP] Datastore/Journal + Coloring books on the XO?

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Fri Sep 26 14:22:59 EDT 2008

Just a comment ... I have in the past been one to criticize "coloring within
the lines" ... but I have learned that this activity is beneficial for young
children as a way to develop fine motor control, needed in handwriting and
other activities.  So not something to treat as a negative in the right
context and as long as it isn't used to stifle creativity of expression.

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 8:09 AM, Eben Eliason <eben.eliason at gmail.com>wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 2:57 AM, Brian Jordan <brian at laptop.org> wrote:
> > This is One More Thing that would be a lot simpler and extensible with
> > a more flexible journal/datastore (meaning storing Pictures, Audio,
> > Video, Data [csv files], etc in a way that can be shared between
> > activities). It seems to my uninformed self that, presently, the
> > activities are constraining the output. (Disclaimer: I haven't gotten
> > that deep into journal/datastore programming yet). I copy Eben... a
> > couple sentences on where thought on this is headed? (there's also a
> > video I took of discussion this... I'll forward when I find it)
> This is one of the goals behind the new Journal/DS.  Right now,
> entries are stored, more or less, as blobs which contain the "object"
> (file) and the "state" (metadata).  (This is exacerbated by the fact
> that we don't currently preserve the metadata across reboots, which
> encourages developers to incorporate it into their entry blobs) We
> realized rather quickly that, while this makes things nice while
> working within a given activity stream, it does indeed limit the
> ability to use stuff from one activity in another activity, or to
> interact with the outside world.  In the new Journal, the object and
> the metadata will be kept distinctly separate, so that the .png file
> that is "My Painting" is pure and clean, regardless of my currently
> selected tool, color, zoom level, and other info about the particular
> instance of Paint I created it in.
> The revised import dialog (great work on this so far, Tomeu (and
> Simon)!) will make it really easy for activities to build buttons
> which pull in object of various types directly into their activities.
> The vision for the clipboard also includes text and image previews,
> custom icons, setting of titles (so the photo of a shark I clipped
> from wikipedia is titled "shark.png" instead of "image clipping"),
> etc.  This richer system, along with better support for drag'n'drop
> both in the OS and in all activities, should help to make Sugar a
> richer environment for sharing objects.
> - Eben
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