[IAEP] Teacher in OLPC-Sur list enchanted to see his idea integrated into global Sugar update [First approach]

Greg Dekoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Wed Sep 17 13:43:51 EDT 2008

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008, luis ACEVEDO wrote:

> Hello:
>        My name is Luis Acevedo, live in Santiago, Chile.  I participate
> actively in the mailing list OLPC-Sur and is closely monitoring the
> mailing list Sugar Labs. Yesterday in the Sur- List we had a report
> about  a required feature for Turtle art activity. This is  root square
> function. Teachers found necessary this function in activities like
> figure 28 and others from this page
> http://neoparaiso.com/logo/ejercicios-de-geometria.html
> I suggested to obtain a ticket trac in http://dev.laptop.org/ and to try
> in the irc channel.
> Is there  a other way like to contact directly the authors? Is this a
> correct place for this questions?
> I feel it is a first opportunity to move from discussion to action.
> Thanks in advance

To reduce this question to the simplest case:

How does Luis contact the author of Turtle Art?

And to broaden it to the general case:

How do we make it simple for anyone to contact the author of any activity, 
without having to ask a mailing list?


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