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On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 7:45 PM, Simon Schampijer <simon at schampijer.de>wrote:

> Bill Kerr wrote:
>> walter wrote in the digest:
>>> Any and all feedback is enormously valuable: please speak up
>> A year 10 class at my school in australia is currently evaluating
>> sugar activities using USB keys - various impressions, forum, Q&A,
>> tasks, lessons etc. are being recorded on this wiki:
>> http://xo-whs.wikispaces.com/
>> (keep in mind that the collaborative aspects have not worked out of
>> the box and we are still testing the jabber server, not running it
>> routinely in lessons yet - will resume efforts here after the current
>> busy assessment period is over)
>> the school name has been removed from the home page, there are no
>> student photos and kids are using aliases due to education department
>> attitudes - earlier this year an innovative class blog in another
>> school was closed down and investigated by the department
> Oh i did not have those problems on my list of possible issues. Hmm this is
> sad - but i guess some people are worried to give out information - did they
> say the reasoning?

Kids are said to be at risk from "stranger danger". Possibly the worst
aspect of this was that overseas mentoring was frowned upon. It is now
standard procedure that anyone in contact with kids be subject to police
background checks. See Marvin Minsky's articles on the OLPC wiki regarding
the high potential of mentoring, explained in more detail in his book, *The
Emotion Machine*, Ch. 2
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