[IAEP] sugar feedback

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Sep 10 05:45:23 EDT 2008

Bill Kerr wrote:
> walter wrote in the digest:
>> Any and all feedback is enormously valuable: please speak up
> A year 10 class at my school in australia is currently evaluating
> sugar activities using USB keys - various impressions, forum, Q&A,
> tasks, lessons etc. are being recorded on this wiki:
> http://xo-whs.wikispaces.com/
> (keep in mind that the collaborative aspects have not worked out of
> the box and we are still testing the jabber server, not running it
> routinely in lessons yet - will resume efforts here after the current
> busy assessment period is over)
> the school name has been removed from the home page, there are no
> student photos and kids are using aliases due to education department
> attitudes - earlier this year an innovative class blog in another
> school was closed down and investigated by the department

Oh i did not have those problems on my list of possible issues. Hmm this 
is sad - but i guess some people are worried to give out information - 
did they say the reasoning?


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