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Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos ypod at mit.edu
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Some comments inline:

David Farning wrote:
>      2. Membership Requirements
>         Membership is earned either through the efforts of an individual
>         or through the annually payment of dues by organizations.
>              1. Individual
>                 Individual membership is a sign of merit in the Sugar
>                 Labs ecosystem. It is a sign of significant and
>                 sustained involvement in Sugar Labs. Generally, at least
>                 two months of visible, significant activity will be
>                 required.

How do you decide what "involvement" is OLPC-specific and what parts 
involve Sugar Labs?
I have a personal interest in Sugar Labs, but its relationship with OLPC 
is somewhat confusing to me.

> [snip]
>      1. Membership Duration and Renewal
>              1. Individual
>                 Individual Membership is for Life.                
>                 In order for an Individual membership to remain valid,
>                 It must be renewed every year. 

I don't thing 2 months of involvement should grant you a life or yearly 


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