[IAEP] membership definitions

David Farning dfarning at sugarlabs.org
Mon Sep 8 16:50:46 EDT 2008

I have put together a brief list of definitions for Sugar Labs

Please comment and correct.

     1. Membership Types
        Sugar Labs has two type of memberships; Individual and
        Organizational. Individual memberships are merit based.
        Organizational memberships are financially based. 
             1. Individual Member
                The core of Sugar Labs will be composed of individual
                members. Individual members can run for the Oversight
                Board,vote in board elections, and issue or endorse a
             2. Associate Member 
                Associate members are organizations that participate in,
                and want to show support for, the Sugar Labs ecosystem.
                Associate members can appoint a representative to sit on
                the Advisory Board.
     2. Membership Requirements
        Membership is earned either through the efforts of an individual
        or through the annually payment of dues by organizations.
             1. Individual
                Individual membership is a sign of merit in the Sugar
                Labs ecosystem. It is a sign of significant and
                sustained involvement in Sugar Labs. Generally, at least
                two months of visible, significant activity will be
             2. Associate
                Associate membership is a sign of support for the Sugar
                Labs ecosystem. Associate members are required to pay an
                annual membership fee. The annual fees will vary
                depending on the annual revenues, type, and location of
                headquarters of an organization. 

     1. Membership Benefits
        In return for their contributions, members are rewarded with
        authority and responsibility

             1. Individual
                Individual members can run for the Oversight Board,vote
                in board elections, and issue or endorse a referendum.
                Individual members will receive an @sugarlabs.org e-mail
                alias that forwards to their real e-mail. 
                Individual members have the right to print business
                cards with the Sugar Labs logo. 
                Syndication on Planet Sugar Labs of your Sugar Labs
             2. Associate
                Associate members can sit on the Advisory Board.
                Participation in Sugar Labs committees, where
                specifications and guidelines are developed and where
                discussions are conducted;
                The right to use the Sugar Labs logo on your Web site
                and to participate in press releases.
                Public recognition on the Sugar Labs website.

     1. Membership Duration and Renewal
             1. Individual
                Individual Membership is for Life.
                In order for an Individual membership to remain valid,
                It must be renewed every year. 
             2. Associate
                Associate Membership is for one year.
                An Associate Membership must be renewed annually.

     1. Membership Termination
        Memberships may be terminated by lack of current participation
        or removal by the membership.
             1. Individual
                     A. Voluntary -- An Individual member will be remove
                        from the membership roles if they fail to renew
                        their membership.

                     A. Involuntary -An Individual membership may be
                        revoke by an affirmative vote of a two-thirds
                        majority of the members of the Foundation.

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