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sugarlabs and olpc have the same mission.  i think it's entirely
appropriate to have one day devoted to technical issues, with the
participation of olpc employees (who are also sugarlabs members --
even board members).  we have monday, tuesday, friday, saturday, and
sunday reserved for sugarlab-specific meetings.

On 11/13/08, David Farning <dfarning at sugarlabs.org> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 7:22 AM, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at tomeuvizoso.net> wrote:
>> Fellow Sugarites,
>> I must say that I'm pretty much surprised as to how the SugarCamp
>> planning is being done. My personal opinion is that SugarLabs is a
>> global organization and cannot behave as if it had headquarters in a
>> single place because it hasn't. SL contributors are going to travel
>> from quite distant places and they should be involved actively in the
>> planning.
>> OLPC has decided that their XOCamp will happen in January, and I think
>> that our SugarCamp in November shouldn't be seen as just a prelude to
>> that.
>> OLPC employees can legitimately see SL as a vehicle for their product
>> to include more features, so they would be mostly interested in
>> technical discussions about those. But I expect the people who share
>> the SL goals to be more ambitious and to not forget that Sugar cannot
>> stay contained at OLPC's borders. We have the mission to bring Sugar
>> to _all_ the kids in the world.
>> So, talks that IMO are more appropriate for this week, along with
>> people I'm most interested in hearing, are:
>> - How Sugar-on-a-stick can better work for deployments such as the
>> ones carried on by http://schoolkey.net (Caroline Meeks)
>> - How Sugar can better work in a LTSP environment (Brendan Powers)
>> - How SugarLabs can better work together with teachers (Yamandú Ploskonka)
>> - How SugarLabs should communicate its message (Greg DeKoenigsberg)
>> - How SugarLabs can make easier to contribute to it (Mel Chua)
>> - How SugarLabs could partner with for-profits that work on related
>> projects (Collabora on GNOME's telepathy, Nokia on PyMaemo, etc)
>> (Robert McQueen)
>> - How SugarLabs is going to maintain the infrastructure needed to
>> support its own operations (Bernie Innocenti)
>> - How SugarLabs is going to fund its own operations (Walter Bender)
>> - How SugarLabs is going to govern itself (Walter Bender, David Farning?)
>> - How SugarLabs is partnering with other organizations (David Farning)
>> - etc, you get the idea.
>> I think most of those talks could give material for discussion for at
>> least half a day. I really think SL should make progress on
>> non-technical areas and that this face-to-face time we are going to
>> have is an opportunity that we shouldn't miss.
>> Regards,
>> Tomeu
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> How about wrapping up with a message/mission session lead by Walter
> and Greg on Saturday afternoon?  Kind of a here is what we talked
> about, here is how it fits into the overall mission of Sugar Labs, and
> here is how we communicate that mission via our public message.  That
> session can run all of Friday afternoon
> Leading into that on Friday we can work on 'playing well with others'.
> Staring with Mel and easy to contribute.
> Specific example and of partnering by Brenden and Caroline.
> General partnering with for-profits by Robert.
> General partnering/ local Sugar Labs by Walter and I.
> That series of session can run all afternoon and spill over into the
> evening for coffee and drinks.
> thanks
> david
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