[IAEP] etoys now available in Debian's non-free repository

Antoine van Gelder antoine at g7.org.za
Fri Jun 27 10:17:54 CEST 2008

> The analogy doesn't work. If I have C, I'll send the C. I have friends
> who used to write APL and ship Ada as source, and their military
> customers never complained. If the generated C is well-structured and
> has the comments from the Smalltalk embedded, so that people can
> understand it, what's the problem?

What happens if I  make my changes to that generated C and then try to  
submit those changes to the generated code back to the Squeak project?

I think this is what Yoshiki means when he says:

> if you send them C that's generated and call that your source, it's  
> the same
> thing as writing your code in C and sending assembler as your 'source'
> (assuming there was a cpu independant assembler)

Free software is also the freedom to develop code with the source you  
are supposed to have access to.

Otherwise you may have gotten some of the things that are necessary  
for software freedom, but you do not have all the things that will  
make it sufficient for you to have actual living breathing farting  
software freedom.

Kind of like how freedom of speech may be a necessary part of  
political freedom but just because a politician is not messing with  
that freedom does not mean that s/he is not putting all the other  
sufficiencies for political freedom into the smoothie blender.

PLUR kiddies and shout it out for all to hear:  "Smalltalk inspect."

  - antoine

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