[IAEP] courses.sugarlabs.org coming -- eventually

Bryan Berry bryan at olenepal.org
Fri Jun 20 12:40:30 CEST 2008

        We are working on a moodle installation at
        courses.sugarlabs.org. David
        Van Assche set it up.
        I think it will complement activities.sugarlabs.org well.
        Activities are
        developed at activities.sugarlabs.org and stable versions of
        them are
        put together w/ lesson plans, relevant reading materials, and
        activities at courses.sugarlabs.org
        here is what I have in mind for a sample course:
        Class 2 Maths:
        Week 1:
        Constructionist lesson plan for teacher
        Etoys activity
        python activity
        Week 2:
        lesson plan
        Week 3:
        thanks to Bernie Innocenti for granting us server space for this
        use. It
        is great having him here in Kathmandu, because he is just so
        helpful. Now we just have to get him a Nepali girlfriend so that
        won't leave :)
        Internally to OLE Nepal, we are considering having our educators
        and Kamana spec out a whole course in Moodle, then our
        developers and
        community members develop sugar activities for the activities
        Kamana and Sunil have envisioned. These internal courses won't
        be very
        relevant to the larger OLPC community initially because they
        will be
        entirely in Nepali. I will have to bug Sayamindu and Bernie
        about how to
        intelligently sync courses.olenepal.org w/ courses.sugarlabs.org
        these are just ideas right now. Hope to have something useful
        working in
        the next couple months 
        Bryan W. Berry
        Systems Engineer
        OLE Nepal, http://www.olenepal.org

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