[IAEP] wiki - status report june 4

David Farning dfarning at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 22:16:38 CEST 2008

Here is a update of the wiki status.

1.  Started creating framework for developing modules within the large
sugar community.

I would like to begin the 'big move' by first moving/copying the olpc
information regarding theses topics to Sugar Labs. Is this something
that I should talk to Sj about? or would someone who has been involved
with OLPC and Sugar Labs prefer to start that conversation?

2.  Set up local mediawiki in order to learn more about maintenance bots
and wiki extensions.

3. Researched how other wikis handle spam.

4.  Started research on how wikipedia handles translations and how
multilingual wikis in general are organized.
5.  I would like to request that wiki.suarlabs.org be updated to a newer
version.  It seems that the current version (1.5) has some charset
issues and can be flaky with newer extensions


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