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Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 10:52:06 EDT 2008

I've created a page linked off of the EducationTeam/KnowledgeBase page, if
there is somewhere better for it to hang, feel free to move it.


>From time to time, I stumble across really nice collections of lesson plans
or curriculum development materials posted in some dusty corners of the
Internet.  They may not all be Constructionist or posted under open
licenses, but many do provide potentially useful modules of curricular
content that can either be adapted or at least serve as examples.  Please
feel free to reformat or add links to this page, that's what wikis are for.

I am also of the opinion that perhaps one way to address the often raised
issue of how to get educators involved with Sugar Labs is to begin by
reaching out ot those educators that have shown a commitment to sharing
their ideas and enough technology-savvy to get them posted on a web-page.
Some may need a little indoctrination into the arcana of open licensing, but
you have to believe their heart is in the right place.  I think that running
down the impressive set of links found on an aggregating site like this and
reaching out to kindred spirits may be a place to start, you can't complain
that teachers didn't showed up to your party if you didn't bother to send
them invitations.


This is a far step from lofty goals of reinventing education, but there may
be some bricks from that old school building we can re-use.

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