[IAEP] Sugar Digest 2008-06-29

Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos ypod at mit.edu
Tue Jul 1 07:33:38 CEST 2008

I proposed this also (sugar on phones) to Marco back in March when he 
was at 1CC. The idea is that sugar has a simple and intuitive interface 
for collaboration which I find very intriguing in an environment with 
mobile phones. I understand though that screen real estate is so 
different that it may make no sense to attempt this, but I do feel that 
simple, ad-hoc collaboration between mobile phones is the way to go.


Chris Ball wrote:
> Hi,
>    > 15:00 Sugar on mobile phones: is it possible? does it make sense?
> I had trouble following this one -- I couldn't make out an argument for
> why Sugar on mobile phones might make sense to begin with.  Can anyone
> provide one?
> The obvious argument against this is:
>    * Sugar is an environment for creativity and learning.
>    * It seems like a safe assumption to say that learning requires
>      screens that allow for comfortable reading and an input device
>      that isn't very frustrating to use.  We've argued against using
>      mobile phones instead of the XO for this reason in the past.
> Walter said something interesting during the meeting that I didn't
> understand:
> <walter_> I do think it is peripheral to the main learning experience,
>           but it can make a connection between the learning experience
>           on the laptop and other people/users in the community
> I'd be interested to hear more about how this might work.
> - Chris.

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