[IAEP] FUDcon + XOCamp talks

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Tue Dec 30 07:05:29 EST 2008

Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> Hello,
> so we are going to be officially present at FUDcon and I assume some
> of us will also stay for XOCamp. Is anyone planning to give talks?
> Here is what I have in mind. I think Simon also had something.
> FUDcon:
> * Discussion about packaging activities. xo vs rpm, how do solve
> maintenance problems etc.

+1 I think this is a very important one - and it fits very well into FUDCon.

> * Newbie oriented "class" about hacking on Sugar and activities.

Hmm, as much as I like this idea, I wonder how much interest we will 
exactly find at FUDCon. Or if there are other distribution specific 
challenges we could solve in during that conference. In any case it 
might be a good way to generate the class material.

My additional point would be:
* Sugar - How to get involved?
- Packaging
- Testing: How the Fedora Testing team and the Sugar Labs BugSquad can 
work together, try to get a discussion on how the work flow with the 
GNOME BugSquad is.
- ? (if i missed something)


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