[IAEP] FUDcon + XOCamp talks

Marco Pesenti Gritti marcopg at sugarlabs.org
Sat Dec 20 04:31:28 EST 2008


so we are going to be officially present at FUDcon and I assume some
of us will also stay for XOCamp. Is anyone planning to give talks?
Here is what I have in mind. I think Simon also had something.


* Discussion about packaging activities. xo vs rpm, how do solve
maintenance problems etc.
* Newbie oriented "class" about hacking on Sugar and activities.


* What new features and improvements 0.84 will bring to OLPC users.
* Coordination between upstream (Sugar) and downstream (OLPC),
regarding testing and bug triaging, development, schedules.

Anyway, how does these sounds? Anyone interested to help me out with
any of them? What are everyone else plans?


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